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Evil Does Not Exist

In the remote village of Harasawa, single parent Takumi and his daughter Hana lead a peaceful life, tending to various tasks for the locals amidst the serene natural beauty of the forest. However, their tranquility is threatened by the impending arrival of the Tokyo company Playmode, set to build a glamping site for city tourists. This development sparks concern among Takumi and his neighbors as they uncover the potential ecological harm and disruption to their community. 'Evil Does Not Exist' made its debut at the Venice Film Festival, where it earned both the jury and Fipresci prizes. This film marks Ryusuke Hamaguchi's latest work, following his highly acclaimed Oscar-winning 'Drive My Car.'
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Last Summer

Anne, an accomplished attorney, shares a harmonious life with her husband Pierre and their two young daughters in a picturesque Parisian home. The dynamic changes when Theo, Pierre's teenage son from a previous relationship, comes to live with them. Anne finds herself increasingly unsettled by Theo's presence, leading her into a complex and intense relationship that risks her professional success and family harmony.
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Poor Things

From visionary filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos, “Poor Things” draws inspiration from Alasdair Gray's 1992 novel, delivering an unforgettable narrative centered around Bella Baxter, a young Victorian woman who experiences a peculiar resurrection, courtesy of the brilliant yet unconventional scientist, Dr. Godwin Baxter (Willem Dafoe). Brought back to life, Bella (Emma Stone,) embarks on an odyssey of self-discovery and sexual liberation, guided by the watchful eye of Dr. Baxter. Bella's appetite for worldly experiences, once absent from her previous life, leads her on an unexpected journey when she escapes with Duncan Wedderburn (Mark Ruffalo), a debauched lawyer. Their partnership sets the stage for a whirlwind adventure spanning continents, set against the backdrop of an alternate Victorian-era Scotland, where Bella is free from the societal prejudices of her time. What unfolds is a mesmerizing blend of romance, adventure, and the macabre, as Bella navigates her strange new existence.
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The Old Oak

In a struggling mining community, TJ Ballantyne, the determined pub owner fights to keep the last pub standing. When Syrian refugees unexpectedly arrive in the village, tensions escalate. TJ forges an improbable friendship with Yara, a young Syrian with a camera, as they strive to bridge the divide between the two communities. The Old Oak," directed by BAFTA winner Ken Loach and written by Paul Laverty, delves into themes of fragility, hope, and human connection during difficult times. This film marks another chapter in their enduring collaboration, with the addition of BAFTA-winning producer Rebecca O'Brien, following the success of acclaimed films like "Sorry We Missed You" and "I, Daniel Blake.
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