Valley of Exile with Director Q&A


ByTowne Cinema Thu, Jul 4 6:30 PM
Film Info
Release Year:2023
Production Country:Canada
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Anna Fahr
Cast:Maria Hassan
Hala Hosni
Michel Hourani
Najwa Kandakji
Joy Hallak


Join us for a screening of "Valley of Exile" followed by a Q&A with director Anna Fahr!


Set in the early years of the Syrian war, "Valley of Exile" chronicles the journey of Rima and Nour, two sisters who find unexpected refuge in a makeshift settlement in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley after fleeing war-torn Damascus. Older sister Rima, who is eight months pregnant, is set on reuniting with her husband and rebuilding their lives in Lebanon, while younger sister Nour is determined to find their missing brother and eventually returns home to Syria.??In the camp, the sisters forge alliances with other women who are similarly forced to live without the support of family they’ve lost to the war. This propels them onto separate paths. But as days in the camp turn to weeks, Rima and Nour begin to realize that their exile is not only a struggle for survival, but ultimately a test of loyalty to their country, their family and each other.