2024 Oscar Nominated Short Films: Animated


ByTowne Cinema Sun, Feb 18 2:45 PM
ByTowne Cinema Mon, Feb 19 7:20 PM
ByTowne Cinema Wed, Feb 21 9:00 PM
ByTowne Cinema Sat, Mar 9 1:30 PM
Film Info
Run Time:121


Come and experience this year's nominated animated short films on the big screen. 

“Letter to a Pig” (Miyu Distribution) , Tal Kantor and Amit R. Gicelter, 17 min.
“Ninety-Five Senses”, Jerusha Hess and Jared Hess, 13 min.
“Our Uniform”, Yegane Moghaddam, 7 min.
“Pachyderme”, Stéphanie Clément and Marc Rius, 11m min.
“War is Over! Inspired by the Music of John & Yoko” (ElectroLeague), Dave Mullins (director), Brad Booker, Sophie Cherry (producers), 11 min.