Fallen Leaves


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Film Info
Release Year:2023
Production Country:Finland
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Aki Kaurismäki
Cast:Alma Pöysti
Jussi Vatanen
Anna Karjalainen
Kaisa Karjalainen
Janne Hyytiäinen


"Fallen Leaves" unveils the poignant tale of Alma Pöysti and Jussi Vatanen, two solitary souls who serendipitously cross paths in the Helsinki night, embarking on a quest to find their first, only, and ultimate love.

Amelia, a gifted pianist, returns to her hometown after a decade pursuing her dreams. There, she encounters Daniel, a brooding artist scarred by his past. Amidst "Falling Leaves", these wounded hearts find solace, forging a connection beyond words.

Their journey toward this noble pursuit is shrouded in challenges, including the man's battle with alcoholism, misplaced phone numbers, a lack of knowledge about each other's names and addresses, and life's penchant for placing obstacles in the path of those seeking happiness.

"Fallen Leaves" evocative cinematography and haunting score transport you through the seasons, where the changing world mirrors the complexities of the heart. This tender tragicomedy forms the fourth installment of Aki Kaurismäki's working-class trilogy, following "Shadows in Paradise," "Ariel," and "The Match Factory Girl."