Evil Does Not Exist


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Film Info
Release Year:2023
Production Country:Japan
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Ryusuke Hamaguchi
Cast:Ryo Nishikawa
Ryuji Kosaka
Ayaka Shibutani
Hazuki Kikuchi
Hiroyuki Miura


In the remote village of Harasawa, single parent Takumi and his daughter Hana lead a peaceful life, tending to various tasks for the locals amidst the serene natural beauty of the forest. However, their tranquility is threatened by the impending arrival of the Tokyo company Playmode, set to build a glamping site for city tourists. This development sparks concern among Takumi and his neighbors as they uncover the potential ecological harm and disruption to their community.

'Evil Does Not Exist' made its debut at the Venice Film Festival, where it earned both the jury and Fipresci prizes. This film marks Ryusuke Hamaguchi's latest work, following his highly acclaimed Oscar-winning 'Drive My Car.'